AdQuick 2.7 - Ad Network & Ad Server Software

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AdQuick allows you to run your own ad network similar to websites such as and

AdQuick will allow you to bring together advertisers and publishers, and you the script owner will take a cut from every ad sold through your very own advertising network.

AdQuick can also be used as a stand alone Ad Server for your own advertising needs.


AdQuick Ad Format Demos


AdQuick 2.7 supports the following ad formats,

Default Ads Demo (View Demo)

  1. Text Ads (View Demo)
  2. Image Ads (View Demo)
  3. Flash Ads (View Demo) (Including Floating Flash Ads)
  4. Video Ads (View Demo)
  5. Popunder Ads (View Demo - Popup blocker must be off)
  6. Popup Ads (View Demo - Popup blocker must be off)
  7. Full Page Ads (View Demo)
  8. InVideo Ads (View Demo)
  9. InLine Ads (View Demo)
  10. Splash Ads (View Demo)
  11. Pop Ads (View Demo) (Also Known as IM Ads or Msg Ads)
  12. Peel Ads (View Demo)
  13. PicText Ads (View Demo)

InLine and InVideo Ads currently only run as part of a targeted ad campaign.