AdQuick 2.7 - Ad Network & Ad Server Software

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AdQuick allows you to run your own ad network similar to websites such as and

AdQuick will allow you to bring together advertisers and publishers, and you the script owner will take a cut from every ad sold through your very own advertising network.

AdQuick can also be used as a stand alone Ad Server for your own advertising needs.


Change Number of "Best Buys" Websites On AdQuick Homepage.


If you look at the official AdQuick demo at , you will see on the right hand side, under the header "Best Buys", that it shows you the websites with the highest "Google Pagerank", and the lowest "Alexa Page Ranking".

By default, you will only see 5 websites under each one.

It is possible to change this amount to anything you like, so you could have 1 under both or 10 under both or even 2 under one and 4 under the other.

Before you make any changes, please make a backup of the file below.

To change this setting, you will need to open the config.php file, which is in the "include" folder.

Once the file is open, just do a search for "limit 5" (without the quotes). You will find "limit 5" in two places. The top one is for Alexa and the bottom one is for Google.

All you need to do is just change it so something like, limit 10, or limit 2. Its upto you.