AdQuick 2.7 - Ad Network & Ad Server Software

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AdQuick allows you to run your own ad network similar to websites such as and

AdQuick will allow you to bring together advertisers and publishers, and you the script owner will take a cut from every ad sold through your very own advertising network.

AdQuick can also be used as a stand alone Ad Server for your own advertising needs.


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AdQuick 2.x Product Manual - Download Here (PDF)

Product Guides

AdQuick Guide: Creating a New Page Using AdQuicks Templating System
AdQuick Guide: Adding New Currencies To AdQuick
AdQuick Guide: Creating a Targeted Ad Campaign
AdQuick Guide: How to Translate AdQuick
AdQuick Guide: Promoting Your New "Ad Network"
AdQuick Guide: Changing The Default "Minimum Click Through Rate" On The Publishers "My Websites" Page
AdQuick Guide: Changing The Number of "Best Buys" Websites That Show On The AdQuick Homepage
AdQuick Guide: How To Only Allow Logged In Users To View Your New Pages
AdQuick Guide: How To Allow AdQuick Ad Codes To Work On Any Domain Name

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