MyWeight 1.01 - Weightloss PHP Script

The myWeight software easily allows users to keep track of your own weight loss while on a diet or a fitness regime.
Quickly setup and run your own dieting social network. Encourage as many users to sign up and quickly and easily track their fitness and dieting regimes.

Users can enter their weight weekly into the system, and from this interesting stats and graphs are produced.

The user will also have access to a food and exercise diary.

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MyWeight 1.01 Overview

Interactive Weight Loss Graph
Food and Exercise diary
Weight Loss Entry page
Stats Page
Photo Uploads
Support For Weights In 'Pounds' and 'Stones & Pounds'

myWeight Main Features

'Food Diary'. The user can keep a daily food diary.

'Exercise Diary'. Similar to the 'Food Diary', but there is also an option, where if they didn't exercise that day, then they can just press a button and let the system know that.

'Weight Input'. Depending on what options the script owner selected, the end user will enter there weight weekly in pounds or in stones and pounds. This page will also show how much they have lost in previous weeks. The user can also edit past weights that they have entered.

'Interactive Weight Loss Graph' - This is a flash based graph, which gives you a great view of how your weight loss is going. If you hover your cursor above the graph it will show your weight for that date.

'Printable Chart' - This features is a page with a large section containing lots of little squares, and each square represents 1 pound of your weight. As you lose more weight, a square changes color and you can get a great idea of how far you have to go before you reach your goals. You can print this out.

'Stats Page' - This page has lots of little interesting stats relating to your weight loss. Stats include, highest weight loss, weight lost so far and much more.

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